What Makes a True Believer?

I had a conversation with an older gentleman after church today. He told me about his experiences with other denominations while looking for a church. Hearing his story, I invited him to Pub Theology next week because the topic is “Christian Unity and How to Deal with 'Those' People” (we needed a catchy tag-line that … Continue reading What Makes a True Believer?


Reflection: Youth in Mission–Serving Christ in the World 2003

Eight years ago, in between my junior and senior years in high school, I applied for a summer program at the Lutheran School of Theology in Chicago. The name of it was Youth in Mission--Serving Christ in the World. At the time, I didn't really know what the program was. My pastor suggested that I … Continue reading Reflection: Youth in Mission–Serving Christ in the World 2003

Pub Theology: The Church

The Church. What do we mean by it? What does it mean to us? That was the topic of discussion that enthralled a group of Lutherans who gathered at the Tipsy Toad Tavern for Pub Theology on Thursday night. It's a good question, and one that we don't always have an answer for. A friend … Continue reading Pub Theology: The Church

Community of Faith

Last night, a meeting was held for the parents of children who will be participating in Confirmation classes this year. At the meeting, Pastor stressed that Confirmation was not just an activity on the checklist with other activities children participate in, like soccer, swimming, music lessons, cheer-leading, etc. Confirmation, he said, focuses on building and … Continue reading Community of Faith