Answers to Complicated Questions

Despite what a great many people think, the Christian faith is not about answers. The Bible is not an encyclopedia written with a handy index to provide us with the solutions to all of our problems or our questions. And we have lots of questions.


2015 Year in Review

It's a few days early, but as I might get only a few more posts done this year, I figured, why not! Let's share this year's Year in Review! Some highlights: Over 8400 views by over 6300 visitors. The vast majority of visitors were from the United States, followed by Brazil and Canada. Most viewed … Continue reading 2015 Year in Review

2015 NGLS Worship Presentation

At the 2015 Assembly of the Northern Great Lakes Synod of the ELCA, I gave a presentation on worship.

The Prophecy of Amos, Revised

Samantha Field of "Defeating the Dragons" takes an ancient prophecy and adapts (not interprets) it for us today.

Brief Update

A few more sermons are up, with more being set up. They are all coming, I promise!