An Experiment in Church Youth Leadership

A few weeks ago, the children and youth of Faith Lutheran Church put on their annual Christmas program telling the Lukan Christmas story. As part of that day, the youth took over every worship leadership role (except mine). They don't often get to do this, even though I have strongly encouraged them to sign up … Continue reading An Experiment in Church Youth Leadership


Pontoon Worship 2014

Yes, you read that correctly! On Saturday, August 9, a small group of people from Faith Lutheran Church (and their friends) gathered aboard two pontoon boats. Tying the boats together and dropping anchor, we celebrated Holy Communion together before returning to shore for a bonfire and fellowship. I love having worship in non-traditional places! There … Continue reading Pontoon Worship 2014

Authentic Worshipers

In my previous post I talked about the attitude of the people in worship being just as, if not more important, the worship itself. My friend David asked: Any ideas on what helps promote authentic worshipers? That's a tough question, mostly because we never talk about it. I believe that the way we approach and … Continue reading Authentic Worshipers

The Culture of Worship

"Uh oh, is today hipster worship?" "I most certainly hope not..." I've written before about my feelings on worship styles. Pastor Lou Florio made a good observation: I have given up long ago (for similar reasons as you state) trying to define what is the best worship. Perhaps better the question is, “What is the … Continue reading The Culture of Worship