Wish List

This page is a running list of things I’d love to have someday if I had unlimited resources. It’s mostly for my own benefit, for things I come across, and so I don’t forget things others have recommended to me.


Books – Theology

Schumacher, Frederick J., and Dorothy A. Zelenko, editors. For All the Saints: a Prayer Book for and by the Church. American Lutheran Publicity Bureau, 1994.
Kind, David A. Oremus: A Luthern Breviary. David A. Kind, 2015.
Lutheran Study Bible: New Revised Standard Version. Augsburg Fortress, 2009.
Denysenko, Nicholas E., Liturgical Reform after Vatican II: The Impact on Eastern Orthodoxy. Fortress, 2015.
Wengert, Timothy J., editor. The Annotated Luther, Vols. 1-6. Fortress, 2-17.
Luther, Martin. Luther’s Works: Digital Download. Fortress, 2001.

Bonhoeffer, Dietrich.
Dietrich Bonhoeffer Works: Readers Edition Set. Fortress, 2015.
Thompson, Bard, editor. Liturgies of the Western Church. Fortress, 1980.
Janz, Denis R., editor. A People’s History of Christianity Set. Fortress, 2010.
Blount, Brian K., editor. True to Our Native Land: An African American New Testament Commentary. Fortress, 2007.
Soelle, Dorothy. The Silent Cry: Mysticism and Resistance. Fortress, 2001.
Braaten, Carl B. A Map of Twentieth-Century Theology: Readings from Karl Barth to Radical Pluralism. Fortress, 1995.
Muesse, Mark W. The Hindu Traditions: A Concise Introduction. Fortress, 2011.
Kinnard, Jacob N. The Emergence of Buddhism: Classical Traditions in Contemporary Perspective. Fortress, 2010.
Kaltner, John. Islam: What Non-Muslims Should Know. Fortress, 2016.

Macquarrie, John.
Two Worlds Are Ours: An Introduction to Christian Mysticism. Fortress, 2005

Books – Worship

Quivik, Melinda A., editor. Leading Worship Matters: A Sourcebook for Preparing Worship Leaders. Augsburg Fortress, 2013.
Ramshaw, Gail. More Days for Praise: Festivals and Commemorations in Evangelical Lutheran Worship. Augsburg Fortress, 2016.
Music Sourcebook: All Saints through Transfiguration. Augsburg Fortress, 2013.
Music Sourcebook for Lent and the Three Days and Worship Guidebook for Lent and the Three Days. Augsburg Fortress, 2010.

Evangelical Lutheran Worship Ceremonial Binder Pack.
The United Methodist Hymnal. Abingdon, 1989.

Book of Common Worship. Presbyterian Publishing, 2018.

Clergy Wear

Clericool Clerical Collar III (collar width 1.5″, size 16.5″ as it needs to be .5″ larger than neck size)
Cassock Rabat

Pastoral Care

Oil Stock
James 5 Frankincense and Myrrh Anointing Oil – 1/4 oz.

James 5 Unscented Anointing Oil – 1/4 oz.


Nitrokey Pro 2

Nitrokey Storage 2, 16GB

Arkel Briefcase Urban Pannier (black/grey)
Pretty much anything from the Blackhawks Store or the Official Blackhawks NHL Shop.
Steam Gift Card
Full length wool overcoat. Black or dark/charcoal grey. Preferably double-breasted.
Like this
Or this
Or these (single breasted, top row)