Another Friend’s Blog

And another music one at that! I regret that I am only just finding out about Amy's blog. Amy and I were founding members of Capital University's premier tuba/euphonium quartet, TEQ4, and her playing never failed to captivate and inspire. Check our her blog at A Euphoric Sound! EDIT: I suppose, while I'm at it, … Continue reading Another Friend’s Blog

The Story of King David

The high schoolers of First Evangelical Lutheran Church have asked me if our next Sunday school topic could be the Story of King David. There are certain parts of the story that everyone knows: David and Goliath, David and Bathsheba (which is probably not her name, but we'll get there eventually). But for many people, … Continue reading The Story of King David

Visitors to the Table

I sat down at a small round table in the fellowship hall where two visitors munched on coffee cake and sipped Kool-Aid. I had met them earlier in the hallway; their friend, a member of the congregation and the one who had invited them to our church in the first place needed help answering a … Continue reading Visitors to the Table

Pub Theology: The Church

The Church. What do we mean by it? What does it mean to us? That was the topic of discussion that enthralled a group of Lutherans who gathered at the Tipsy Toad Tavern for Pub Theology on Thursday night. It's a good question, and one that we don't always have an answer for. A friend … Continue reading Pub Theology: The Church

Internship: A New Adventure

It is truly amazing just how fast transitions can come. When I finished CPE, I had a week to move all of my stuff from Jackson, MS, up to Muskegon, MI, then travel back to Columbus, OH, get the rest of my stuff, and travel again to Muskegon in order to start my internship this … Continue reading Internship: A New Adventure