The Story of King David

The high schoolers of First Evangelical Lutheran Church have asked me if our next Sunday school topic could be the Story of King David. There are certain parts of the story that everyone knows: David and Goliath, David and Bathsheba (which is probably not her name, but we’ll get there eventually). But for many people, the story of David goes no further.

I have therefore challenged myself to create a useable series of Bible studies that covers the entire David story, from 1 Samuel 6:1 – 1 Kings 2:12. Based on the number of chapters this covers and the amount of material I feel I can get through each week, I estimate that this will take between six and eight weeks.

Each week, as preparation for that Sunday, I will post the lesson for that week, discussion questions and all. The studies use the New English Translation for two reasons: one, the translation uses more modern language, making it more accessible to those unfamiliar with the Bible; and two, the NET Bible is available freely online for use in ministry, which is a principle I support for the Bible.

I welcome any feedback you may have on these studies, and hope that they may be of use to others.


2 thoughts on “The Story of King David

  1. How timely of you. I am just plowing through 1 and 2 Samuel right now in my daily reading. Just finished reading about how David has made God unhappy with his selfish ways for the first time. (oh no! and David was doing so well!) Looking forward to the study.


    1. I hope it will be helpful for you! And yes, David does screw up from time to time. In fact, I confess, I am not that big of a fan of King David–the biblical writers present him in a near-perfect light to fit their theology, while poor Saul is beaten down again and again. But, even in this first week of study, I’ve had to soften my harsh view of David, so I’m learning too!


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