Gospel Slam 2013

I wrote and performed this piece as part of Trinity Lutheran Seminary's Second Annual Summer Seminary Sampler Gospel Slam. Gospel Slam is based on poetry slams. TLS set the model for doing poetry slams in partnership with the Academy of Preachers, an ecumenical organization that lifts up and encourages young preachers. Each performance this year … Continue reading Gospel Slam 2013


What? Where?

It's September? What happened?! Where did August go?! Since my last post all the way back in July, I've been quite busy. On August 12, I finished my internship at First Evangelical Lutheran Church, Muskegon, MI. That day, the church threw a party for me which included lots of good food, a slideshow of entertaining and embarrassing … Continue reading What? Where?

Community of Faith

Last night, a meeting was held for the parents of children who will be participating in Confirmation classes this year. At the meeting, Pastor stressed that Confirmation was not just an activity on the checklist with other activities children participate in, like soccer, swimming, music lessons, cheer-leading, etc. Confirmation, he said, focuses on building and … Continue reading Community of Faith