Prayfaithfully: The Resurrection and the Outcasts – Part 2

You never know how the Holy Spirit is going to shake things up.


Faithful Witnesses

Everything we did at synod assembly was about witnessing our faith to others and sharing it. And that, unfortunately, is where the trouble began.

We’re Going WHERE?

It sounds like it would be a good time to give the Holy Spirit the pink slip and send the Spirit back to the Father.

The Holy Spirit Wants Us to Do What?

"There's nothing comforting about the appearance of the Holy Spirit, and there's certainly nothing comforting about why the Holy Spirit comes in the first place."

Sermon – January 25, 2015 – Epiphany 3B

"Does Jonah know something we don't? Yes, yes he does. Jonah absolutely knows something we don't. [...] He knew what his job was, and that, if he actually did it, the results would be remarkable."