Sermon – May 25, 2014 – Easter 6A

Sixth Sunday in Easter A Preached at Faith Lutheran Church, Three Lakes, WI. Acts 17:22-31 Psalm 66:8-20 1 Peter 3:13-22 John 14:15-21 There are some things we just don't talk about very much in Lutheran circles. Not because they're bad, or because we're bad, but we tend to focus on some things and not others. … Continue reading Sermon – May 25, 2014 – Easter 6A

Sermon–April 6, 2014–Lent 5A

Fifth Sunday in Lent A Preached at Faith Lutheran Church, Three Lakes, WI. Ezekiel 37:1-14 Psalm 130 Romans 8:1-11 John 11:1-45 When I was at First Lutheran Church in Muskegon, MI, the church participated in a program with the local school to bring in high school kids to do odd jobs and give them some … Continue reading Sermon–April 6, 2014–Lent 5A

Sermon–May 13, 2012–Easter 6B

Sixth Sunday of Easter B Preached at First Evangelical Lutheran Church, Muskegon, MI, while on Internship. Acts 10:44-48 1 John 5:1-6 John 15:9-17 I knew very early on in life that there was no way I could ever grow up and become a lawyer. For one, I can't memorize laws. I'm terrible at memorizing anything, … Continue reading Sermon–May 13, 2012–Easter 6B

Confirmation Sunday

Last Sunday my church celebrated as 8 youth celebrated their rite of Confirmation. I remember little of my own Confirmation (for those who don't know me, I have issues remembering everything), except for my faith statement and that the only other person Confirmed that day was one of my best friends. But what is Confirmation? … Continue reading Confirmation Sunday