Sermon – April 19, 2015 – Easter 3B

Doubt is an essential part of faith. It is the natural reaction when we are confronted with something we desperately wish to be true, but which flies in the face of our expectations and defies the ways in which we think things should work. It is a faithful response to the unbelievable in our midst that, by all other measures, cannot possibly be true. It is the process through which we come to accept and believe.


Sermon – April 12, 2015 – Easter 2B

"This is who the church is. People empowered by the good news, who take care of each other and those in need. Everything else is on the side; it's not our identity. Our identity is in God. It's in baptism. It's in the good news, the sharing. It's in our freedom to defy the norms and expectations of our culture and society to show love where it is needed most."

Sermon – February 8, 2015 – Epiphany 5B

"I wonder, though, if we see ourselves more as released from sin than we see ourselves as released to something else, to something greater."

Sermon – January 25, 2015 – Epiphany 3B

"Does Jonah know something we don't? Yes, yes he does. Jonah absolutely knows something we don't. [...] He knew what his job was, and that, if he actually did it, the results would be remarkable."