Racism, Sexuality, Sin, and Grace

It's never really been a secret that we live in a messed up, broken, constantly-changing world: just look at this week. And we know God is out there! We tell ourselves that every week, or even every day. But slowly, God's abiding presence goes unnoticed, pushed away and covered by everything else happening in life. Where is God when a gunman massacres people in a church? Where is God when anger and hate get in the way of love? It can feel like God isn't present at all.


DOMA and Christianity

Disclaimer: As the Supreme Court of the United States began hearing oral arguments in United States v. Windsor, I have tried to present and fair and balanced approach to the subject. I have done my best, but I apologize if my own opinion influences the arguments, specifically in regards to the citation of facts and … Continue reading DOMA and Christianity