Holy Communion in the Lutheran Tradition

This post is a response to a question that could not possibly fit in a deeply nested comment. For the source of the discussion, please read this post on The Lonely Pilgrim. Though the original question was limited in scope, I have chosen instead to give as complete a summary of the Lutheran position on … Continue reading Holy Communion in the Lutheran Tradition


Advice on Adiaphora

Q. Ken, you were a sacristan, you seem like someone who would know liturgical stuff and all that. I'm working with a church that is having a big anniversary celebration, and even though the color of the day is technically green, the Pastor wants to know if they can decorate the church in other colors … Continue reading Advice on Adiaphora

Augsburg Confession

It was pointed out to me by another friendly blogger that today, June 25, is the anniversary of the presentation of the Augsburg Confession, the defining document of the Lutheran tradition of Christianity. The Confession was not written to split the church, but was actually written to show Charles V of the Holy Roman Empire … Continue reading Augsburg Confession

Reformation and All Saints Days

I know what the Lectionary says. The church year begins in Advent. The season of preparation is a great way to begin the new church year. But for the past few years, I've experienced the beginning of a new year on the night in between Reformation Day and All Saints Day. For me, these two … Continue reading Reformation and All Saints Days


To make up for missing a post last week, you get two posts this week! In researching and writing my last post, I kept asking myself, "Will Osama bin Laden be saved?" If you ask most Christians, the answer would be a loud, resounding, NO. There are a few ways of approaching the issue. John … Continue reading Salvation