Authentic Worshipers

In my previous post I talked about the attitude of the people in worship being just as, if not more important, the worship itself. My friend David asked: Any ideas on what helps promote authentic worshipers? That's a tough question, mostly because we never talk about it. I believe that the way we approach and … Continue reading Authentic Worshipers

The Culture of Worship

"Uh oh, is today hipster worship?" "I most certainly hope not..." I've written before about my feelings on worship styles. Pastor Lou Florio made a good observation: I have given up long ago (for similar reasons as you state) trying to define what is the best worship. Perhaps better the question is, “What is the … Continue reading The Culture of Worship

How to be a Liberal, Confessional Christian (and Lutheran)

1. Remember the centrality of the Word of God. This should go without saying, but if you don't remember this fundamental fact about Christianity, there's not much point in continuing, is there? And what is the Word of God? Fundamentally, it is not the Bible--it is the on about whom it was written. The core belief of … Continue reading How to be a Liberal, Confessional Christian (and Lutheran)

What is the Good News?

Joseph Richardson brings up an interesting point over here. Just what is the very basic Gospel, the Good News that the church preaches with a prophetic voice? At our Thursday evening service last night, using the Pentecost 6 readings, I talked about how it does not matter whether people believe what we have to say; … Continue reading What is the Good News?

Confirmation Sunday

Last Sunday my church celebrated as 8 youth celebrated their rite of Confirmation. I remember little of my own Confirmation (for those who don't know me, I have issues remembering everything), except for my faith statement and that the only other person Confirmed that day was one of my best friends. But what is Confirmation? … Continue reading Confirmation Sunday