Kids Keep Getting Me Into Trouble

When it comes to work in the church, kids keep getting me into trouble. One of my favorite children sermons from my internship year was the story of Samuel's call. I find the story funny; Samuel keeps hearing a voice and, thinking it is Eli, keeps running and waking the poor man up. Since I … Continue reading Kids Keep Getting Me Into Trouble

A Taste of the U.P.

As of this writing, I have driven 17 hours in two days. It took 11 hours to get from Columbus, Ohio to Marquette, Michigan. This morning Debbie and I met with the bishop of the Northern Great Lakes synod. Then we drove 3 hours this afternoon to northeast Wisconsin to meet with a church council … Continue reading A Taste of the U.P.

Sermon–September 29, 2013–Pentecost 19C

Nineteenth Sunday of Pentecost C Invited to preach at Lebanon Lutheran Church, Chicago, IL, my home congregation. Jeremiah 32:1-3a, 6-15 Psalm 91 1 Timothy 6:6-19 Luke 16:19-31 There is an interesting, and almost certainly false, legend about Martin Luther. It is said that, while looking out of his window one day, he quipped, "Even if … Continue reading Sermon–September 29, 2013–Pentecost 19C

Dangerous Theology

By chance, I ran into my friend and mentor Dr. Jacqueline Bussie (I was on my way home with Chipotle, thanks to my girlfriend's excellent suggestion). Back at Capital University in 2008, she taught a Liberation Theology class that ended up being one of my favorite classes. As we talked about her work out of … Continue reading Dangerous Theology

Trinity Lutheran Seminary Calls New President

It's official! Today, the Trinity Lutheran Seminary Board of Directors voted to approve the nomination of Pastor Rick Barger as the new seminary president. This is an exciting time for the seminary as it looks forward in its mission to form new leaders for a changing church. One word that the nominating committee used to … Continue reading Trinity Lutheran Seminary Calls New President