What is the Good News?

Joseph Richardson brings up an interesting point over here. Just what is the very basic Gospel, the Good News that the church preaches with a prophetic voice? At our Thursday evening service last night, using the Pentecost 6 readings, I talked about how it does not matter whether people believe what we have to say; … Continue reading What is the Good News?


Confirmation Sunday

Last Sunday my church celebrated as 8 youth celebrated their rite of Confirmation. I remember little of my own Confirmation (for those who don't know me, I have issues remembering everything), except for my faith statement and that the only other person Confirmed that day was one of my best friends. But what is Confirmation? … Continue reading Confirmation Sunday

The Regretful God

Last Sunday, the first Sunday in Lent (Year A in the Revised Common Lectionary), I heard the reading out of Genesis 9. Have you read it? Many people are familiar with the Noah story. God gets so angry with what humankind has become, how evil it has become, that God decides to destroy the entire … Continue reading The Regretful God

Sermon–November 23, 2011–Thanksgiving Eve

Thanksgiving Eve 2011 Preached at First Evangelical Lutheran Church, Muskegon, MI, while on Internship. Deuteronomy 8:7-18 Psalm 65 2 Corinthians 9:6-15 Luke 17:11-19 Thanksgiving. A time to give thanks. But remember the LORD your God. I am a person of short memory. Ask anyone on staff here who has had to deal with me, I … Continue reading Sermon–November 23, 2011–Thanksgiving Eve

God in the Storm: “Not Like a Tame Lion”

Driving down the Causeway connecting North Muskegon with the city of Muskegon can be a harrowing experience. The crosswind tumbles and rushes down from Muskegon Lake, challenging drivers to stay in their lane. At night, when the wind gusts up to 35 mph and kicks up surf and rain under a heavy blanket of menacing … Continue reading God in the Storm: “Not Like a Tame Lion”