These Are a Few of My Favorite (and No-So-Favorite) Things: Trinity Lutheran and Bexley Hall Episcopal Seminaries

Favorite Things

Morning Prayer (Anglican) at 7:30 AM Monday-Wednesday

Morning Prayer (Lutheran) at 10:00 AM Monday

Eucharist (Anglican) at 5:30 PM Tuesday

Eucharist (Lutheran) at 10:00 AM Wednesday

Eucharist (Anglican) at 7:30 am Thursday

Eucharist (Lutheran) at Whenever at Anywhere-I-Want-To-Go Sunday

Chipotle just a short walk down the street: you have no idea how much I missed this in Muskegon. The closest Chipotle could be found in Grand Rapids, 45 minutes away. The next closest required a ferry-ride across Lake Michigan to Milwaukee, WI.

Having Tony Zilincik and Capital University across the street. Cap is my alma mater, and Tony, the tuba professor, a good and dear friend. On Mondays, I get to cross the street and play my tube with Capital Thunder, the tuba/euphonium ensemble, which keeps me loving my horn and everything about it.

New computers in the library (PRAISE JESUS)

The font in Gloria Dei, now repaired and working again (ie, no more water is flooding through the floor into the basement)

Campfires in the seminary courtyard on Friday nights

The Promise for Life statue at the seminary and an Orthodox Jewish synagogue down the street

Being able to wake up 17 minutes before I have to be at the seminary and still have enough time to shower and walk over (not that I have any experience of this, of course…)

The Bexley Hall Stone Throw

Having professors who actually care about me as a person


The Theological Consortium of Greater Columbus

Singing more than three settings out of the ELW

Free snacks ant $0.45 cans of pop at the Admissions office

The Admissions office

Wednesday night cookouts in the seminary apartment courtyard

Turning in exegetical papers. Writing them sucks, but turning them in is oh so very nice

Hearing my classmates preach

Studying the Hebrew and Greek texts of the Bible

Finding out that we all have more in common than we thought

Being Dr. Fout’s teaching assistant

Taking communion from a common cup

Choral Evensong

Common Meal at 5:30 PM on Thursday: the greatest expression of our shared community, this takes place at Bexley House. We gather for food, drink, and good company–a relaxing way to end the stressful weeks. Common Meal is then followed by Compline (Anglican), or Night Prayer.

And finally, I live in the same city as Debbie again!

Not-So-Favorite Things

Class load: as I indicated in my previous post, my schedule is packed. The rest of the senior class feels the crunch as well. I feel sorry for our Pastor as Theologican professor, who has to deal with the late afternoon shutdown my class experiences.

Feeling disconnected: I love the seminary community, but especially in Bexley, I don’t feel like I have any interaction with the “outside” community. I am in a bubble in a bubble.

But perhaps my most Not-So-Favorite thing is a feeling I didnt’ have my first two years, but I have now. Among the students, there seems to be more “We’re right; you’re wrong” attitudes than there used to be. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not many students, but it saddens me to think that anyone coming to these two seminaries would do so knowing that they don’t like the other tradition. I’ve made it a goal of mine this year to see what I can do about that.


What do you think?

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