God’s Hands

"As a community of faith, part of what we do is look after people's needs. We get down in the mud, where people are at their lowest, and in compassion, we get ourselves dirty right alongside them, accompanying them, until their needs are met. We don't do it from afar, but hand in hand."


Dangerous Allegiance

"It seems like an easy question. What Christian wouldn't want to give their allegiance to the kingdom of heaven? But, remember, allegiance to the kingdom of heaven can get you killed; it happened to John, it happened to the martyrs, it happened to Jesus Christ himself. If pledging our allegiance to the kingdom of heaven was as easy as pledging our allegiance to a piece of cloth, more people would do so, and gladly at that."

Courage Together

"There's no way we can possibly do this alone. Last week, I had enough trouble speaking the truth about the racism that is strangling our country and the hatred against same-sex marriage that is destroying good people whom I love. How could any of us do this alone?"