Lord, to Whom Shall We Go?

I have heard it said that the church is full of hypocrites and liars. And that's exactly true. We gather as a community of faith, bringing our tough questions, our doubts, our fears, our anxieties. We are not perfect people by any stretch of the imagination, and we seriously wonder if God didn't make some cruel mistake in calling us to be disciples. What does the church have to offer that the rest of the broken, messed up world doesn't?


Body and Blood

This is who Jesus is. This is who God is. Jesus said, “I am the bread of life”, that which sustains, provides life for those who have none. And when the question came up, “Just how far are you willing to go for these people, this world, this… nothing good before you?”, Jesus's answer was clear.

You’re Impossible!

"Jesus doesn't seem to be at all concerned with what his disciples think they can do. If he did, he would come to the same conclusion they did: that it's impossible. But that's not Jesus's concern. He's not concerned with the logistics of getting it done. He doesn't sit and plan out how many resources it will take, he doesn't calculate cost vs. benefit ratios. He doesn't care how big the crowd or how big the need. He cares that the people are in need. He and his disciples are going to help them, no matter what it takes. And much to their surprise, the disciples find that they were more than capable after all."