That’s Christmas to Me

If this were just an isolated incident, I’d think God might have made a miscalculation. But it’s a pattern that’s repeated over and over and over in the Biblical narrative—who matters to God is largely seperate from who matters to human beings.


We Are Not Alone

But into that fear, that heart of darkness, there is another voice, another message. It's hard to hear, amidst the cries of danger, especially those that call for overreactions to those things that scare us. It's a small voice, easily buried and forgotten, but it's there. And it's the reason we are gathered here tonight.

Sick of Christmas

I could have written this post more than two months ago, when I actually started to feel this way. And I write it even as I sit next to my lit Christmas Tree. I am sick of Christmas. Christmas is largely an empty holiday. On one side, there is Commercial Christmas, which exists solely to … Continue reading Sick of Christmas