Holy Week Reflection: Maundy Thursday

Stripped bare, I reveal my soul.

Below the brass and binded words
Shorn the carefully molded sheet
Or the linen laid with love
To keep me safe and clean

Without the weight of warmth and light
Or cup to soothe those dried with drought

I feel abandoned.

The doors are closed
And lights extinguished
In darkness now I stand
Naked, alone, dry but cold,
Silent, bare as stone.

Without all that what still remains
Of worth or merit or mark
That justifies in so sorry estate
My presence still in place
Of another piece of rock?

Oh Lord, as standing here am I
With night gathered ’round like chains
That bind and choke and despotize
Revive my soul sealed in this tomb
That when it breaks, my spirit wakes

To love you once again.


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