For Your Reading Pleasure

I have not always been good with this, but I have recently followed a few more blogs that friends of mine write. With no further ado, I present the following for your reading pleasure:

A view from the Fire Escape: Padre Juanito and I attended seminaries together, and he now serves in the Episcopal Diocese of Michigan. He uses his blog to share his thoughts on his continuing spiritual journey.

Bright Tuesday: A catch-all blog, Kristin writes about her hobbies, her experiences as a Pastor’s wife, and whatever else happens to cross her mind (including lots of coffee and crocheting).

whoiskatieluther: Those familiar with Reformation history will remember that Katie Luther was the wife of Martin Luther. Follow this modern-day “Katie” as she writes about the challenges faced by spouses and other significant others in ministry.

Take a few minutes and check out these blogs run by some amazing people!


2 thoughts on “For Your Reading Pleasure

    1. You’re welcome! If you checkout the list of “Friends’ Blogs” in the sidebar and on the Links page, you’ll find a number of blogs written by Trinity / Bexley Hall folks. But of course, I recommend any of the blogs I follow, or I wouldn’t be following them 🙂 .


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