Life Changes

Personal update! Though I haven’t talked about her much in this blog, I have been dating a wonderful woman, Debbie, for over four years now. A week and a half ago, I gave her a ring and asked her to marry me–and she said yes! I am now an engaged man, and excited to be so!

On a less romantic note, this week, I will find out my region assignment. I’ll know which general state cluster I’ll be serving in. A few weeks after that, I’ll know my synod assignment, and begin working with that synod’s Bishop to find a call in a congregation. Come on, Holy Spirit–do your thing!


3 thoughts on “Life Changes

  1. Welcome to the exiting and wonderful world a marriage my friend, may God bless it and keep it! If they ship you down to Florida let me know! Although as an LCMS’er I might burst into flames when I walk in the door, LOL!


    1. Thank you! I am looking forward to this life-long journey.

      And no offence to your state, but I hope I don’t end up in Florida. I did my summer CPE in Jackson, MS, and I never want to spend another summer in the South. I’m a northern boy, I need my snow!


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