King James’s 400 Years of Inadequacy

First, I sincerely apologize to my Episcopalian friends. I saw over and over on Facebook today that the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible, the "Authorized" version of the Bible in the English language, is upon us. If they haven't already, I'm sure that many people are making great plans for how to celebrate… Continue reading King James’s 400 Years of Inadequacy


What Makes a True Believer?

I had a conversation with an older gentleman after church today. He told me about his experiences with other denominations while looking for a church. Hearing his story, I invited him to Pub Theology next week because the topic is “Christian Unity and How to Deal with 'Those' People” (we needed a catchy tag-line that… Continue reading What Makes a True Believer?


To make up for missing a post last week, you get two posts this week! In researching and writing my last post, I kept asking myself, "Will Osama bin Laden be saved?" If you ask most Christians, the answer would be a loud, resounding, NO. There are a few ways of approaching the issue. John… Continue reading Salvation