Mid-Week Lenten Services

On the east side of Columbus, OH, a group of churches and pastors have formed the East Side Fellowship Ministry. The group consists of two Lutheran churches, an Episcopal church, a Presbyterian church, a Disciples of Christ church, a Methodist church, and the OSU chaplaincy. The churches are all African American city churches, which was … Continue reading Mid-Week Lenten Services


Friend Blogs

I've added a new section of links to the blog. A number of my friends have their own blogs, which I thought I would plug: Journeys with Jordan: authored by Jordan Trumble, a friend of mine from Capital University who has been serving with the Episcopal Service Corp. over the water: authored by Rosalind Hughes, … Continue reading Friend Blogs

Lessons in Civil Discourse

To counter the previous "downer" post, I thought today I would share a more hopeful story. Trinity Lutheran Seminary has a unique ecumenical relationship. While it is joined with the Methodist Theological School ("Methesco"), the Pontifical College Josephinum, and Bexley Hall Episcopal Seminary in the Theological Consortium of Greater Columbus, it is its relationship with … Continue reading Lessons in Civil Discourse