Two More Blogs

I have been given two more blogs for your reading pleasure! The first, How Do You Know?, is a blog on relationships run by a friend of mine from college, KWE. The second, Crusty Old Dean, is a blog run by… well, the COD at Bexley Hall Episcopal Seminary, the seminary in an ecumenical partnership with my own Trinity Lutheran Seminary. Both of these blogs have been added to my sidebar, so go and check them out!

How Do You Know?

Crusty Old Dean


Sermon Wordle

Some of my friends have been putting their sermons into Wordle and seeing what pops out. It looked like fun, so here’s a Wordle created from 8 of my sermons (the ones I still had electronically on my computer). For those who are unfamiliar with Wordle, it produces a graphical representation of how many times a word is repeated in a given set, in this case, 8 sermons. The bigger the word in the Wordle, the more often that word is repeated. I think I’m doing pretty well with my sermons, though the frequency of “get” puzzles me…

Another Blog: “Be More in Bmore”

As is usual for me, I have another blog to recommend. Be More in Bmore is Sarah T.’s new blog following her experience as Director of Youth, Family and Outreach Ministry in Baltimore, MD. She only just put it up yesterday, but I look forward to reading about her experiences, her thoughts, and her insights.

Don’t forget to check out the other blogs I’ve provided links for (quite conveniently in the sidebar)! And as usual, friends and colleagues, if you have blogs, let me know about them!